focused technology

Our range of biotech solutions focuses on four areas of expertise.



Hi-Technology Greenhouses

The advanced technological systems our greenhouses employ ensure high crop yields and longer shelf life without the use of waxing, preservatives, or genetically modified seeds.

Proprietary technologies create a closed system which insulates crops from the natural environment to maximize plant quality and dramatically increase yields. Thanks to our partner's expertise in agricultural science, our greenhouses can yield 10 times the number of quality vegetables per acre that an open field operation can produce, and approximately 1.5 times that of a low-technology greenhouse.

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Dairy Farming

Over the years, OAPI has developed technologies and practices which allow for higher milk yields. The United State's annual yield per cow is approximately 11.4 tons, while a cow found in an OAPI facility is greater than 15 tons. The most advanced milk sensors to provide full data for each cow, including milk yield, flow rates, fat, protein and lactose.

The key factor here is nutrition technology, optimizing quality and cost without compromising the cows' health. We establish food centers to ensure continuous supply and quality, accordingly. The issue at heart is the cows' quality of life and the ecological balance of by-products. In the dairies we plan and build, this balance is ensured, also generating additional revenue via by-products such as compost for fertilization.



Poultry Farming

Coop technology has progressed in recent years with the growing awareness of chickens' quality of life. OAPI’s growing methods ensure this, also lowering mortality rates and yielding the higher quality meat and egg products.
This is a scientific balance, maintained between market and available land resources, with a focus on maximizing profitability while taking into account ecological considerations. The focus begins with a food center in order to accommodate and regulate the nutritional needs of your coops

Specialty Farming

Green Ag additionally plans and executes projects for specialty or delicate crops. Our high technology, hydroponic and aquaponic greenhouse designs allow the flexibility of growing alternative products per our customer's request. Various methods will also be used in the production of these delicate or specialty crops per locale.