endeavors from around the globe


Stanford, Kentucky

Funded by local investors the Kentucky project is a 10.7-million-dollar investment in the future of Lincoln County and Kentucky. Once complete, the 30 acre facility on the North side of Stanford will grow produce 365 days a year, through every season, to be sold on the national wholesale market. To meet the national retailers' high demand for niche vegetable items such as cherry tomatoes, this facility will employ approximately 75 people from Lincoln County and the surrounding areas to plant, pick, pack, ship, and manage the facility full-time and year round.

By the end of 2017 we anticipate closing on funding for an additional 28 contiguous acre facility, leveraging economies of scale and driving operational efficiencies. 

Ensanada, Baja California, Mexico

The Baja project was initiated in 2010 as a 5 acre low tech greenhouse facility. The following year an additional 5 acres were added, doubling the operational capacity. The trend continued in 2012 with an 11 acre expansion and major technology upgrade.  2014 marked continued development with the addition of 11.5 acres. Last year, in 2016, another 10 acres were added to the project complex, bringing the project to the size to where it stands today at 42 acres. All funding for each expansion came from internal profits, reinvested into the project.



Astana, Kazakhstan

The Kazakhstan project is a model example of greenhouse know-how. The extreme weather conditions of the region are proof of growing and construction expertise. The project was initiated in 2011 with the construction of 7.5 acres of greenhouses. Today the greenhouses are in successful production of product for the local and lucrative markets of western Europe.