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What We Do


What We Do

Green Ag Technologies is a company dedicated to the execution of high technology and more sustainable agricultural practices. Leveraging decades of agribusiness experience from around the globe allows Green Ag to meet the needs of an ever changing landscape. Our company believes the success of a project begins with well-formed partnerships, precisely adapting our concepts, meeting local conditions in order to create intelligent systems in turn achieving a superior return for our investors.

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As a global leader in agricultural business and technology, Haim Oz, Founder, Owner and CEO of Oz Agribusiness Projects & Investments LTD, OAPI brings the knowledge and experience necessary to make Green Ag Technologies the powerhouse it was always meant to be.

Mr. Oz, a major partner in, as well as the CEO of, Green Ag Technologies, has a vision for the future of agribusiness in the United States. Our company knows that by implementing the most advanced technologies in the industry and applying our CEO's decades of agricultural experience to establish a network of high-tech projects across the US, we can breathe new life into the local agribusiness economy.

That's where you come in.

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Our Approach

Our Approach


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The future of farming is high-tech. At Green Ag there is no “typical” project. Each project is designed, developed, and operated to achieve maximum profitability per the locale. Our state of the art technological systems, innovative practices, and strong partnerships insure a project's success.  




Green Ag prefers each one of our projects is a partnership. Rather than simply selling our proprietary technology to an investor, we, as partners, also provide highly trained, OAPI experts to oversee construction and manage the operation of our high-technology greenhouse projects.

Partnering with Green Ag Technologies, LLC on a project gives those looking to invest in the U.S. agriculture sector peace of mind and a competitive advantage in the market. 

For every investor, or group of investors, that partners with us a new project company is formed separate from our other projects in the states and around the world. Investors can rest easy in the knowledge that the partners of Green Ag Technologies, LLC are dedicated to each individuals project's success.

Many companies in the United States and around the world offer to build turnkey facilities for farmers or investors. Our strategy is different. Not only do we build the design and build the project, we also engage OAPI's expertise and decades of experience in the operation of the facility, the hiring and management of each site's workforce, and the sale of its products. 

Tailored Approach

Green Ag Technologies, LLC recognizes that every prospective location presents its own unique challenges and advantages. For this reason, each high-technology project will be tailored to operate at optimum efficiency in its own unique locale.

Whether it's in the mountains of central Unites States, down in the bottoms on your family farm, or on a vacant site in your own neighborhood, the fact is that through the implementation of OAPI's technological systems and the guidance of an Israeli-trained agronomist our facilities can produced optimized products almost anywhere. Still, some sites are better than others and, for this reason, every prospective site is investigated by a team of OAPI scientists and agribusiness experts before a project is given the green light. By completing this study early in the partnership, Green Ag Technologies, LLC and our investors can move into the construction phase with confidence in the knowledge that the project will be a profitable venture for all parties involved.

To find out if your site has potential.....



Established Relationships

U.S. farmers know that the agriculture business isn’t just about producing a product, it is about selling them. In the example of our high-technology greenhouses OAPI boasts established relationships with national wholesalers, which means that every vegetable grown in our facilities has a buyer before it’s planted.

Right now every single vegetable grown at our Israeli partner's greenhouse project in Mexico is shipped across the border to be sold on the U.S. wholesale market. This means that the produce grown in Baja will eventually end up in a Californian's salad or on the menu at a restaurant as far away as New York! By strategically locating projects across the U.S. we can reach key national market hubs around the U.S. in as little as one day - providing wholesale buyers with a high volume, year round supply of their preferred, domestically grown products. Capitalizing on our association with OAPI and their established reputation in the national markets.